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VACUUMSCHMELZE presents high-performance permanent magnet motors at Coil Winding


VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG (Hanau) will take advantage of this year's Coil Winding in Berlin to present the results of a study conducted jointly with Swiss company drivetek ag. During the exhibition from 24 to 26 May, VAC can be found at stand Number 4512, Hall 2.1. New developments presented by the Hanau-based company will include a motor with cobalt-iron lamination stacks featuring an optimised design using VAC materials to deliver 27 per cent higher torque. More detailed information on the motor and the study will be provided by Dr. Pieper on 25 May in a talk at the Inductica 2011 conference entitled "Optimization of a High Performance Permanent Magnet Machine using Iron-Cobalt Soft Magnetic Material". VAC's stand at the Berlin exhibition will also focus on further products from the Materials and Parts division such as rotor and stator assemblies designed for high-performance electric motors and made from cobalt-iron alloys VACOFLUX® and VACODUR®. These soft magnetic materials were developed specifically for use in high-efficiency electric motors and generators with low power dissipation, such as those used in the aerospace, motor sports and automation industries. The extremely high, 2.35T saturation magnetisation of our cobalt-iron alloys surpasses that of all known soft magnetic materials such as conventional electrical steel (e.g. M270-35A). VACODUR 50 and VACODUR S+ are advanced CoFe alloys based on VACOFLUX 50 which offer improved hardness. With yield strengths up to 800 MPa, VACODUR S+ is particularly interesting for rotor assemblies for ultra-high speed motors. Combined with VACUUMSCHMELZE's range of advanced production processes, the exceptional properties of these materials assure maximum energy density and minimum power dissipation. Low-fatigue processing technologies aligned to the alloys used (VAC stacking technology) typically enable fill factors of 98% to be achieved at metal thickness of a mere 0.1 mm. By comparison, conventional methods typically deliver fill factors of around 90 %. VACUUMSCHMELZE "Power Packs" feature outstandingly efficient insulation between the individual tape layers, minimising eddy current losses. VACUUMSCHMELZE also offers the option of combining these core stacks with VACOMAX® or VACODYM® rare earth permanent magnets produced using advanced joining and adhesion processes and offering both ultra-high energy density and optimum performance. www.vacuumschmelze.com


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