20 F addition to Electric Double-Layer Capacitor LP Series


Achieves a capacitance of 20 F, maintains advantages of high output and reliability

TAIYO YUDEN announced today the addition of LP12352R7206 (φ12.5 × 35 mm, 20 F), our highest-capacitance product, to our cylinder-type electric double-layer capacitor LP series.

Example applications for this new capacitor include peak assistance and backup power supply in servers, drive recorders, and smart meters. It has a capacitance of 20 F while maintaining high output and reliability, which are key advantages of the electric double-layer capacitor LP series.

Production of this product will commence at TAIYO YUDEN’s overseas subsidiary company, TANIN ELNA CO., LTD. (Chiang Mai, Thailand), in July 2019. The sample price is 450 yen per unit.

Technology Background

Servers and drive recorders require an emergency backup power supply to protect data in the event of an emergency, such as a power failure or accident. On the other hand, smart meters, which require a large amount of energy within a short period of time for wireless data transmission, are equipped with a power storage device to supplement their power supply for peak assistance. There is a great need for long-life devices with superior charge and discharge characteristics that can be used for such power supplies.

In response to this market demand, TAIYO YUDEN added the LP12352R7206 to our electric double-layer capacitor LP series. It maintains the high output and reliability of the LP series, while its capacitance has been improved to 20 F, which is twice as high as our conventional product. We will continue to develop our energy device products in response to demand from the market.

■ Applications

Peak assistance and backup power supplies in servers, drive recorders, and smart meters.