30' Trailer-Mounted, Solar-Powered Generator Features Pneumatic Tower Mast



KEMP, Texas -- Larson Electronics LLC releases a trailer-mounted 480 watt solar powered generator, with an attached pneumatic tower mast that reaches 30 feet. This clean-energy alternative to fuel-generator powered systems provides operators with a platform to deploy their own equipment and devices securely in remote locations.

The SPLT-1.5K-750A-30 from Larson Electronics is a solar tower that includes: six, 265-watt solar panels, a solar charging system, a battery bank, timers, a battery charging system and a 30 foot pneumatic mast, all mounted on a trailer for easy transportation. With 5.5 hours of peak sunlight, the 1.59KW solar generator system holds 363 amp-hours of usable battery capacity per day, and delivers 24 volt electricity for cameras, lights, sensors or other equipment. The six 265-watt polycrystalline solar panels generate a total maximum output of 480 watts and are mounted to a rotating axis assembly. To optimize sun capture, the panels are set at 15 degrees.

This solar tower uses the Outback Extreme maximum power point tracking (MPPT) series charge controller system which charges a 750-amp capacity battery bank consisting of six, 12 volt acid glass mat batteries. This unit allows operators to plug the trailer into 120V or 240V AC, so the battery bank can be charged without removing the batteries. A multi-stage charging algorithm includes safe start, short circuit protection and overcharge protection. This solar system also includes voltage sensors and relays with an automatic shutoff if capacity falls below 50%. The aluminum pneumatic mast can reach 30 feet in height with the use of a low voltage air compressor. A mounting bracket is included at the top of the mast to provide a strong, stable platform for standard payloads up to 150 pounds. The entire assembly is mounted on a trailer for easy hook up to vehicles and smooth transportation.