85-305VAC input AC-DC power supplies for 15W to 320W applications


XP Power has INTRODUCED the LCW series of regulated output cased AC-DC power supplies that is ideal for embedded industrial electronics.

The nine new series (LCW15, LCW25, LCW35, LCW50, LCW75, LCW100, LCW150, LCW200 and LCW320) offer power levels from 15W to 320W. All models meet EN 55032 Class B conducted and radiated emissions for easy and low-cost integration and feature an integrated connector cover to enhance safety once installed

The input voltage range of the LCW series is from 85 to 305VAC, satisfying global regulatory requirements, suiting nominal inputs from 100VAC to 277VAC, with the 150W, 200W and 320W models featuring active PFC. Applications include auxiliary power sources, security installations, lighting control, smart home or office systems, and ticketing and vending machines.

Depending on power level, the LCW series is available with nominal outputs ranging from 3.3V to 48V. To accommodate non-standard voltage applications, all models are user adjustable by ±10% without exceeding the output voltage rating.

Offered with a wide operating temperature range of -30°C to +70°C, the LCW series delivers full rated power to +50°C, derating linearly to 60% up to +70°C. The LCW series are convection cooled up to 200W with the higher power LCW320 series featuring an integrated temperature-controlled cooling fan, reducing acoustic noise.

The low profile and compact footprint of these units further eases integration into the end application. Standard features in the LCW series include a low standby power consumption of less than 0.3W and output short circuit protection, as well as over-current and over-voltage protection. Additionally, the LCW320 series features a power ‘ON’ LED. As an option, conformally coated versions are available.

Input to output isolation is 4,000VAC, input to ground isolation is 2,000VAC, and output to ground isolation is 500VAC. All models are safety certified to UL/EN 62368-1 with models in the LCW35/50/75/100/150 series also certified to EN 60335 for home automation & applications requiring household or domestic approval. The operating altitude is up to 5,000m, which strengthens its global use.

The LCW series is priced from $7.25 for 500+ pcs orders and is available from Allied Electronics, Digi-Key, Mouser, Newark, TRC Electronics or direct from XP Power and offers a 3-year warranty.

XP Power