AC Module Achieves 150lm/W



Ansan, South Korea – Seoul Semiconductor has demonstrated an AC LED module that achieves an industry-leading efficacy of 150lm/W. This demonstration module was developed using the NanoDriver Series LED driver configured for optimum efficiency and employing Acrich MJT 5630 LEDs characterized at 5000K and CRI 80, at 25°C ambient temperature and operated at 6V.

Prior to Seoul Semiconductor’s recent product introduction, many LED fixture designers perceived AC LED technology as a low performance, low cost solution, assuming that AC LED technology had compromised performance which restricted its applicability. This demonstration from Seoul Semiconductor demonstrates that it is possible to get a high efficacy, low flicker solution using AC LED technology.

“The NanoDriver Series LED drivers will have a significant impact on LED fixture design by bringing a miniature, low cost, high performance module solution to the lighting industry,” explained Keith Hopwood, executive vice president at Seoul Semiconductor.

The NanoDriver Series is ideal for applications such as flush mount, wall sconce, vanity, and down light applications. Their small size enables ultra-thin and novel fixture designs, making conventional lamp replacement possible without the need for a large volume recess for the driver, or a reduction in the light output. Previously it has been difficult to convert many conventional fixture designs to LEDs because there was no space for the LED driver.

The NanoDriver Series devices are ideal for luminaire designs up to 3,000 lumens, making possible the integration of the control circuitry with the external converter. This facilitates the capability to mount more light sources on board or reduce the total size of the fixture and mounting plate. The NanoDriver Series devices are small and lightweight enough to make airfreight economical, which reduces lead time and streamlines the supply chain. 

The NanoDriver Series LED drivers are available immediately from Seoul Semiconductor. To learn more about the 150lm/W solution please visit: