AMETEK releases next-generation universal power line carrier



UPLC-II Universal Power-Line Carrier

AMETEK Power Instruments has released the UPLC-II, its next-generation Universal Power-Line Carrier (UPLC) that is fully compatible with its UPLC and TC-10B/TCF-10B products, including checkback and trip testing features.

The UPLC-II is form, fit, and functionally backward compatible with AMETEK’s original UPLC and has four significant new capabilities:
• Protective Relaying Security/Dependability Improvements. Months of engineering effort were put into redesigning noise detection, optimizing filters and removing unnecessary delays in digital signal processing to give the UPLC-II maximum security and dependability.
• New Management User Interface. Provides users with the ability to remotely change/authenticate passwords and to check firmware/hardware versions via Ethernet, as well as downloading settings.
• Front Ethernet Port for PC Interface. The interface allows for up to 100X faster connection speed than earlier RS232/USB ports and provides for easier PC set up. There also is an option for the two rear Ethernet ports to operate in redundant mode or in a new daisy chain mode.
• Frequency Selectivity for the TX Reflected Power Meter. This feature allows for continuous, highly accurate monitoring/alarming of high reflected power without having to turn off interfering transmitters on the same power line.
The UPLC-II’s built-in reflected power meter and its associated settable high reflected power alarm indicate when a system component failure has caused an impedance mismatch at that end of the power line.

"The release of the UPLC-II represents a giant leap forward in microprocessor-based power line carrier products,” notes Brian Hoffmann, Division Vice President and Business Unit Manager for AMETEK Power Instruments.

"Our UPLC-II is clearly the most versatile and advanced power-line carrier on the market. We put considerable engineering and application test time into this product and are confident that it represents the highest-quality and most-feature-rich PLC product available today," he adds.

AMETEK Power Instruments

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