Brückner Maschinenbau shows off its cost-efficient production of battery separator film



Brückner Maschinenbau's film stretching lines

Brückner Maschinenbau's film stretching lines and the patented Evapore process for the manufacture of high-quality battery separator films have met with a positive reception on the market. Production line orders for separator films used in Li-Ion-batteries for portable electronic devices like notebook computers and smart phones have already been placed. Further development is now focused on continuing to expand Brückner's line range for battery separator films with solutions for electric vehicles like hybrid or fully electric cars as well as stationary power storage applications.

For these kind of batteries Li-Ion technology is the preferred choice due to the attractive energy density, but they have to meet the highest safety requirements. Here the battery separator film has a significant influence on safety and life time.

During the "Battery Separator Film Demo Days" at the Brückner premises in Siegsdorf, Germany, on July 8th and 9th, international film producers, battery manufacturers and car makers experienced the latest development results live on an exclusive technology centre tour.

Highlights included:
-Advancements in the Polyethylen-EVAPORE process for battery separator types for 3C applications (consumer/computer/communication) demonstrated on the pilot line
-Coating of separator film for EV applications
-PP separator film test runs on the laboratory stretching machine
-Special material tests with dedicated equipment

Additionally, several speeches gave a deeper insight into:
-Brückner's latest R&D activities and results for battery separator films
-Brückner's line concepts for the production of battery separator films according to the EVAPORE process
-Battery separator film for EV and power storage applications engineered on Brückner's pilot line
-Requirements of the automotive industry to performance and safety of Lithium-Ion batteries and the conclusions for battery separator film


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