Compact DIP4 photorelays tout 5000V isolation


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Compact DIP4 photorelays tout 5000V isolation

Delivering a minimum input-to-output isolation of 5000Vrms (AC, 1 min), the TLP220 Series of photorelays from Toshiba Electronics Europe are supplied in a compact DIP4 package that measures just 7.6mm x 4.6mm x 3.7mm. Clearance and creepage distances are 7mm as standard with the option of 8mm in the case of the TLP220AF. The new photorelays suit designs where engineers want to replace a mechanical relay with an optically isolated part to meet reinforced insulation safety requirements. Target applications will include smart meters, factory automation systems, test and measurement equipment, security systems and gaming and entertainment products. Featuring minimum blocking voltages of 60V, 200V, 350V, 400V and 600V respectively, the TLP220A, TLP220D, TLP220G, TLP220GA and TLP220J each consist of a photo MOSFET that is optically coupled to an infrared LED. Respective maximum on-state currents are 500mA, 250mA, 100mA, 120mA and 90mA. The photorelays have a low maximum LED trigger current of just 2mA, contributing to energy-efficient designs. All TLP220 devices feature a normally open (1-Form-A) configuration. Toshiba Electronics Europe