Dresser-Rand demonstrates novel waste-heat recovery system



Dresser-Rand, a leader in environmentally-friendly technology platforms in distributed power generation for the oil and gas, industrial, institutional, and commercial industries, welcomed more than 50 clients, industry experts and other guests to Olean, N.Y. for “Echogen Technology Day” to introduce its new Multi-MW EPS100 waste heat recovery unit.

Held on September 10-11 and coinciding with the successful system shop testing qualification, the event took attendees on tours of Dresser-Rand’s Olean manufacturing and testing facility and demonstrations of the new Multi-MW EPS100 waste heat recovery unit.

Echogen Power Systems is an innovative waste heat-to-energy solution provider that uses a supercritical CO2 working fluid to convert waste heat into power more efficiently than existing organic Rankine cycle (ORC) technologies, without using additional fuel and without creating new emissions. This system represents the first commercial introduction of a CO2 based industrial scale waste heat to power system.

Since the technology recaptures heat that was previously released into the atmosphere, the cost per unit of electricity decreases. The compact, packaged power system, with up to 50 MW capabilities, reduces overall cost of ownership with lower transportation and installation costs. The cycle can operate water-free—a critical need for many regions worldwide.

An Echogen waste heat recovery system drives value for a client through its unique combination of a lower cost per unit of electricity produced, compact footprint, higher energy recovery from the waste heat stream, and ability to generate power from a wider range of heat sources than competing technologies available in the marketplace today.

During the event, Dresser-Rand and Echogen representatives demonstrated a factory testing milestone of the highest net power produced by any supercritical CO2 power cycle system globally. Other highlights included presentations on the technical aspects of the Multi-MW EPS100 waste recovery system and several market applications.

“With the Echogen technology now ready for full market release, we are accelerating discussions with potential clients for deployment of the solution in the field,” said Pierre Dumas, VP Strategic Business Development and Commercialization for Dresser-Rand. “We can provide full turn-key installation and commissioning services as well as routine operations, monitoring and maintenance contracts to ensure ongoing reliable and available operations.”