Eaton addresses converged power infrastructure issues at DCW 2013



At this year's Data Centre World event in London, Tatu Valjakka, Software & Connectivity Product Manager for Eaton in EMEA, presented the latest thinking on powering converged infrastructures and warned against the dangerous delusion' of thinking that power protection and power management are optional in today's virtualised environments. In his paper, Tatu addressed the trend towards converged and virtualised IT infrastructures and how these bring with them new ways of achieving resiliency. He also discussed the traditional approach of building resiliency into the physical hardware layer and made the point that the adoption of converged and virtualised infrastructures makes it realistically possible to implement resilience in other layers. Unfortunately, as was the major point in Tatu's presentation, there is a growing tendency to believe that if the software layers of an IT system can handle equipment failures in the physical layer, power protection and power management become optional. This is a dangerous delusion, as in reality, power protection and management are as essential as ever. Eaton