Electricity supply’s ‘new normal’ shifts focus to transformer efficiency


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Rising demand for electricity has spurred considerable growth in the Chinese power generation, transmission and distribution industries in recent years. Yet as the amount of power generated and distributed has increased, so too have the losses. According to CWIEME Shanghai sponsor CEEIA (China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association), as much as 10% of electricity consumption in China can be accounted for by energy transmission – with transformers the biggest culprits. Now energy companies are looking to re-coop these losses in a bid to lessen the strain on generation and maximize profits.

“The rapid development of the power generation, transmission and distribution industries not only enables the transformer manufacturing industry to grow in tandem – but also to increase profits by offering more sophisticated products that meet efficiency expectations,” says Dr. Guo Yan, vice president of CEEIA.

“There’s a greater awareness of total cost of ownership and how spending a little more at the purchase can give long-term benefits. Manufacturers with a forward-looking vision that invest in the research and development of energy-saving transformers will capture a larger market share in China and at the same time develop a strong reputation in the international arena,” he says.

Competitive edge

Dr. Guo will be addressing these points in more detail in a seminar at CWIEME Shanghai – Asia’s leading exhibiting for the transformer manufacturing industry – at 10:00-10:40 on Wednesday 24th June. His speech aims to provide strategic analysis and business insight for both domestic and foreign visitors looking to succeed in China.

In addition to his role as vice president of CEEIA (China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association) Dr. Guo is also the director of Machinery and Industry at BERI (Beijing Electro-Technical Institute of Economic Research), the commissioner for the National Transformer Standards Committee, the secretary general of the National Electrical Insulation Material and Systems committee, and the State Council Special Allowance winner, and holds an advanced engineering professorship.

“As a veteran of the Chinese electrical industry, Dr. Guo has played an important role in both the regulation and design of transformers and associated equipment,” says Chloe Theobald, content manager for CWIEME. “He has a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience to share with visitors – and exhibitors – and we are thrilled to have him join us at CWIEME Shanghai 2015.”

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