EMerge Alliance welcomes Murata Power Solutions



Murata Power Solutions announced it has been accepted as a member of the EMerge Alliance. The EMerge Alliance is a global open industry association with the aim of developing standards for the rapid adoption of DC power distribution within commercial buildings. Two standards have already been issued, the EMerge Alliance Occupied Space Standard and the EMerge Alliance Data/Telecom Centre Standard. The standards aim to assist commercial property owners and equipment suppliers to achieve reduced energy usage, better building design and space flexibility, and improved building sustainability. Michael Stefani, Vice President, Global Planning, Murata Power Solutions comments, "Much of the power generated for commercial buildings by renewable sources such as solar panels and wind turbines is DC. This must be converted to AC in order for it to be used within the existing AC distribution network. But conversion results in energy wastage and increased system complexity. Provision of a DC micro-grid can reduce these losses and help facilitate the smart-building concept. We embrace the objectives of the EMerge Alliance and becoming involved in defining future standards." EMerge Alliance Murata Europe