Enginuity E|ONE Engine Achieves Fuel Efficiency Milestone


Third-party laboratory confirms 30% efficiency; company on-track to achieve 38% efficiency or more.

Enginuity Power Systems announced that its 0.5L natural-gas fuel engine achieved 30% efficiency during third-party testing. The company also announced it is on track to achieve its target of a minimum 38% efficiency, making it the best in its class.

The U.S. designed and built engine features Enginuity’s patented four-stroke, mirror balanced, inwardly opposed piston engine technology. In addition to being highly efficient, the low-vibration design is lightweight, ultra-quiet, meets EPA emissions requirements, and is extremely robust, providing a minimum of 40,000 hours of service life and 20+ years of steady performance.

“The engine will be installed in several of our E|ONE micro-Combined Heat & Power pilot systems starting in late 2020,” said Jacques Beaudry-Losique, President of Enginuity Power Systems.  The E|ONE System is a total home energy solution, providing required electricity and space and water heating, operating on or off the grid, complimentary with solar systems. 

“Our half-liter natural gas engine is already best in class, and our continuous improvement strategies will make it even better,” said Jacques Beaudry-Losique. “It’s what makes our micro-CHP systems the top home-power and heat solutions and allows us to launch other innovative products in several markets, such as portable power systems, personal power packs, heat pumps, serial hybrids, and more.”

The E|ONE was awarded ‘Best in Show’, ‘Best Home Technology Product’ and ‘Best Energy Efficient Product’ at the 2020 International Builders Show in Las Vegas.  Recently, a panel for the CleanEquity 2020 Conference identified Enginuity Power Systems as “one of the world’s most innovative sustainable technology companies.”

For more information, visit Enginuity Power Systems.