Filter Increases Motor Life and Eliminates Motor Failure



MTE Corporation announces the launch of SineWave Nexus. The SineWave Nexus is the latest addition to MTE’s best-in-class motor protection filter family. The SineWave Nexus eliminates high frequency content and voltage peaks to extend system efficiency and motor life at any cable length.

The SineWave Nexus is the optimal solution for reducing common mode and differential mode voltages and currents because it cleans the PWM waveforms generated by Variable Frequency Drives and virtually eliminates damaging common mode voltages that cause motor bearing failures. The SineWave Nexus combines the performance of a sinewave filter and isolation transformer with MTE’s patented common mode protection technology into a single, compact design saving customers time and money associated with sourcing and installing multiple solutions.

“We’re excited to bring a new motor protection solution to the market that will give customers peace of mind over the destructive common mode and differential mode voltages that breakdown motor bearings and motor insulations leading to motor failure.” said Z Zakaria, VP Sales & Marketing at MTE Corp.  “The SineWave Nexus will protect against the pitting, frosting, and fluting damage caused by harmful voltages thus extending the life of the motor, increasing productivity, and reducing downtime due to motor failure.”

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