GaN Systems to show latest high-power transistors at US Energy Conversion Congress


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GaN Systems, a leading developer of gallium nitride power switching semiconductors, is exhibiting its latest products at ECCE, the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo being held in Pittsburgh, USA from September 14 – 18. The event is the world’s leading technical conference and exhibition focussing on next generation green and sustainable energy technologies and attracts an international audience interested in the latest innovations from industry and research from academic experts in the field.

On booth 419, GaN Systems is showcasing its range of gallium nitride power transistors based on its proprietary Island Technology®, which produces highly efficient, smaller transistors at lower cost than traditional silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs. GaN Systems’ devices feature intrinsic fast switching and dense current carrying capability, further enhanced by the company’s GaNPX packaging, which has no wire bonds, minimizing inductance and thermal resistance and increasing reliability.

These devices from GaN Systems bring smaller, lighter and more efficient power electronics to numerous applications including consumer appliances, data center server racks, heavy-duty battery-operated power tools, notebook travel adaptors and many others. With current ratings from 8A to 200A, GaN Systems is the first company to offer a comprehensive product range of gallium nitride devices to the global market through an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics.

ECCE 2014

GaN Systems