Grant Imahara to give keynote address at EDS



Grant Imahara will be a keynote speaker at the Electronic Distribution Show

Mouser Electronics, an authorized distributor with the latest in semiconductors and electronic components, is pleased to announce that its Empowering Innovation Together partner Grant Imahara will be a keynote speaker at the Electronic Distribution Show, occurring May 12-15 at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Electronic Distribution Show (EDS) is the electronic component industry’s key leadership summit. It is an important gathering of the movers, shakers and brightest minds that electronic component manufacturers, distributors and representatives have to offer. In an energized, progressive atmosphere, top decision makers come together to build business. It’s a forum to plan, discuss new opportunities, and reset goals.

“As an accomplished electrical engineer, as well as a charismatic speaker, Grant was a perfect fit for our Empowering Innovation Together project and a great choice to offer the keynote address at this important industry conference,” said Glenn Smith, Mouser’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Mouser, in partnership with EDS and its manufacturer partner Molex, will sponsor the Spark Summit with a special guest appearance by the popular celebrity engineer. Aimed at the industry’s group of young professionals, Spark is a unique summit within the EDS Summit—created to introduce new, talented people into EDS and give them tools to help grow their careers. Participating in Spark benefits everyone: your people, your business, EDS and the electronic components industry.

Imahara, a celebrity engineer known for his role on TV’s Mythbusters, who now hosts Mouser’s exciting “Empowering Innovation Together” program, will deliver the Summit keynote address at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12 at the Mirage Grand Ballroom.

As a practicing engineer, Imahara can relate to engineers everywhere. He understands the frustrations and inspirations that keep engineers challenging themselves to design the next great thing, which is what Mouser’s Empowering Innovation project is all about.

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