Himag Solutions Ltd. enters into Agreement with Rogers Corporation



Himag Chairman, Colin Day, and Dean Curran, Managing Director, Himag Solutions, with the company's recently won Shell award

Himag Solutions Ltd. (a private UK based company) announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG), Connecticut, USA. Himag is a technology company that provides custom planar magnetic products. This alliance leverages Himag's planar transformer technology and Rogers' power distribution technology and global market presence, to bring unique high efficiency power electronic solutions to market. Himag's technology is in advanced planar transformers, which provide 99% energy efficiency versus only 90% for wire wound transformers. Himag's planar transformers also take up about one-third the space and weight of conventional transformers. Dean Curran, Managing Director of Himag Solutions commented; "This alliance of two world-leading innovative technology companies in power distribution and planar magnetics will create new, exciting and innovative products to the power electronics industry." Rogers has exclusive rights to integrate Himag's planar transformers into RO-LINX® busbars from the Power Distribution Systems division. These products are ideally suited for the HEV market due to high efficiency and low weight requirements. Luc Van Eenaeme, Rogers' Vice President, Europe commented; "I am pleased to complete this agreement and look forward to working closely with Himag to address emerging needs in HEV and solar applications." Robert C. Daigle, Rogers' Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer commented; "This alliance adds another important platform technology that we can leverage to provide innovative solutions to our customers and further increase our presence in Clean Tech markets." About Himag Solutions Himag Solutions Ltd. has pioneered planar transformer technology from the UK since 1996. Its world-leading design engineering team has developed custom planar transformers from 35W to 30kW in a single transformer component, as well as fully developing custom power converters utilizing planar magnetics technology. Himag has supplied custom planar magnetics to the telecom, power supply, industrial electronics and battery charger sectors for over a decade, and its disruptive technology is now being adopted by the solar power, hybrid-electric automotive, aerospace and healthcare sectors. For more information, visit www.himag.co.uk