International Rectifier Expands Portfolio of 40V to 100V Automotive Qualified MOSFETs Including Family of Logic Level Gate Drive Devices



International Rectifier has expanded its offering of 40V to 100V automotive qualified MOSFETs including a family of logic level devices. The new MOSFETs are suitable for heavy load applications used in traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) platforms and micro and hybrid vehicle platforms. The new automotive MOSFETs are optimized to deliver low on-state resistance (RDS(on)) across a range of voltages from as low as 8mohm at 55V. Additionally, the logic level MOSFET devices simplify gate drive requirements while saving board space and component count. The new family of MOSFETs is built on the AU Gen 10.2 trench technology. All of IR's automotive MOSFETs are subject to dynamic and static part average testing combined with 100 percent automated wafer level visual inspection as part of IR's automotive quality initiative targeting zero defects. AEC-Q101 qualification requires that there is no more than a 20 percent change in RDS(on) after 1,000 temperature cycles of testing. However, in extended testing IR's new AU Bill Of Materials exhibited a maximum RDS(on) shift of only 12% at 5,000 temperature cycles, demonstrating the strength and ruggedness of the Bill of Materials. The new devices are qualified according to AEC-Q101 standards, feature an environmentally friendly, lead-free and RoHS compliant bill of materials. Datasheets and qualification standards are available on the International Rectifier website at and spice models are available on request.