KHK USA Inc. Announces new Line of Educational Gear Demo Kits


KHK Gear Cubes allow for visual understanding of gear principles

KHK USA Inc. Announces new Line of Educational Gear Demo Kits

­KHK USA, Inc., announces its new line of educational gear demo kits, manufactured to the highest quality standards by Kohara Gear Industry Co., of Japan. Known as KHK® Gear Cubes, these educational gear demo kits are designed to give a visual understanding of the various mechanical advantages of KHK® stock gears. 

KHK® Gear Cubes are available in six models: Spur Gearing, Helical Gearing, Miter Gearing, Rack & Pinion, Screw Gearing, and Worm Gearing. Each kit includes all of the KHK® stock gears necessary to build the demo kit along with the associated shafts, bearings and frame. The frame includes a plexiglass housing to keep fingers from getting pinched.

These educational gear kits can be operated by hand or an option knob can be included.

For more advanced learning, the kits can be combined in various configurations to build a complete geartrain.

Please note that the KHK Gear Cubes are designed strictly for educational purposes and should never be used to transmit any loads. 

For more information on KHK Gear Cubes, please go here.