KOSTAL releases PIKO MP series single-phase inverters



PIKO MP series single-phase inverter

The new PIKO MP series from KOSTAL is a family of single-phase inverters with low performance categories of 1.5 – 4.2 kW satisfy the corporate philosophy of "Smart connections." in several respects. It goes without saying that the new mini stars also display the three great product benefits of flexibility, communication and practicality. They also deliver the quality and wide range of possible uses cus- tomers have come to expect from KOSTAL.

This addition to the range makes KOSTAL a complete provider in the residential photovoltaic market and thereby strengthens its own market position and meets a gap in the market. These products have been requested in particular by customers in southern Europe, for example in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Benelux, but there has also been a lot of demand at home in Germany too.

The flexible PIKO MP can perfectly satisfy individual customer needs with its six performance categories 1.5; 2.0; 2.5; 3.0; 3.6 and 4.2 kW). It is ideally suited to small photovoltaic systems on detached homes. It can be used with PV systems with three or more modules, delivers incredibly stable yields and thanks to its wide input voltage range also provides numerous connection options. The PIKO Plan software can of course be used for planning. The cooling concept of the PIKO MP, designed for quiet operation and a long life cycle, is particularly innovative.

Communication is also key to the small, single-phase performance category of PIKO inverters, which can be smartly integrated in the home network. The end customer can find detailed information and visualisations of yield data on the PIKO Solar Portal as usual. This allows end customers to recognise energy flows in their homes and enables them to control their use of energy according to what they generate themselves. It goes without saying that the PIKO MP also satisfies all legal requirements, e.g. the 70% rule in the German Renewable Energies Act. Should direct communication with the PIKO MP be needed, this can be achieved via the inverter display with menu-guided operation.

The light weights of the PIKO MP series make the devices very easy to handle. They are quick to install and, thanks to the familiar safety aspects, such as recessed grips and an integrated DC switch, commissioning is safe too. The fact that the cover on the PIKO MP doesn't have to be removed is especially convenient.

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