Lynk Labs Signs License Agreement With Feit Electric Company



Lynk Labs, Inc. announced that it has entered into a license and product development agreement with Feit Electric Company, Inc. ("Feit Electric"). The license provides Feit Electric with a comprehensive license in and to the entire Lynk Labs patent portfolio, provides Lynk Labs with a license in and to certain Feit Electric patents, and the companies will work together on product development and commercialization.  The financial terms and other details of the agreement are confidential.

In a recent announcement, Lynk Labs indicated that the company has been investing heavily into growing its licensing program and patent portfolio which today covers many various high volume categories of LED technology such as Color Tuning, User Selectable-CCT and Brightness (rapidly becoming a standard in LED down lights, flush mounts, puffs and other systems), Warm-Dimming, Filament lamps, LED lamps such as Replacement Tubes (TLEDs) and A-lamps, Wireless and Wire Controlled Smart Lighting, PoE lighting, Controls, Constant Voltage and Universal Voltage Driven Systems, Human Centric, Li-Fi, Wireless Charging, Wireless Systems controlled by portable devices with touchscreens, and much more.  Many of these patented technologies owned by Lynk Labs are used in very high volume, as well as fast growing lighting categories and are covered by multiple patents having very early priority dates according to Lynk. 

Lynk Labs will continue to expand its patent portfolio and licensing program which includes over 50 U.S. and international issued and pending patents covering LED technology. More information about Lynk Labs IP portfolio can be found at