Maxim Enriches the Way Consumers See, Touch and Hear the Digital World



At the 2011 International CES in Las Vegas, Maxim Integrated Products showcases its latest technology innovations that provide the essential link between the digital world and the analog world of light, sound, temperature, speed, and pressure. The CES Maxim booth #30869 located in the Upper Level of the South Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center contains over a dozen demonstrations of how Maxim technology dramatically improves the way consumers SEE, TOUCH and HEAR the latest mobile handsets, tablets, communications and TV products. The following guide will help you explore demonstrations within the Maxim booth: Experience Smart, Interactive and Connected TV with Maxim Video Conferencing Cameras Internet-enabled TV sets are here to stay, and with added features such as Skype, are starting to catch on with consumers in a big way. Come see how TVs manufacturers are making use of a Maxim complete camera solution to change a TV from a one-way entertainment device into a two-way communications device. Skype-enabled TV sets allow consumers to place free calls and video chats with one another from their computers and other devices that run Skype software. Maxim H.264-based camera solutions that can encode multiple video streams up to 1080p at very low bitrate while providing super wideband audio quality make it all possible. Easy Wireless PC to TV Connectivity with Maxim Wireless Video Devices The HDTV in the living room is often the focal point for many families but a lot of their games, photos and personal videos still reside on individual PCs. AMIMON recently introduced a compact WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface(TM)) Stick containing Maxim wireless video devices that allows users to wirelessly view all of their PC, tablets, netbooks or notebook content on the "big screen." Maxim will demonstrate this technology which has virtually no latency (less than one millisecond), robust HD video quality, low power for mobile devices and the ability to transmit up to 100 feet, even through walls. Maxim Continuous Autofocus Camera Modules Eliminate Blurry Images For parents using a camera to "capture the moment" of their children who never stop moving around, continuous autofocus is a blessing. But for heat and power consumption reasons, having autofocus on their smartphone, cell phone or tablet video cameras wasn't always possible. A walk through the Maxim booth will show you how mobile device manufacturers are using Maxim high efficiency switching voice-coil motor (VCM) driver devices to reduce current drawn from the battery by up to 75 percent so that you can enjoy a true camcorder experience without blurry images. Laser Driver Devices from Maxim Fuel Pico Projectors No wide screen available? With Pico Projectors, you can display full movies, video games, slide shows or other content from your consumer devices on any nearby viewing surface using a miniaturized device that fits in your pocket. At CES, Maxim will demonstrate the latest laser scanning Pico Projectors that use the Maxim MAX3600 laser driver device to project up to a six foot wide image that is always in focus with good color representation and low power consumption. WiFi Home Monitoring Camera and Downloadable App for Your Mobile Device Maxim's complete system designs for home monitoring cameras address the fast growing market for new mobile accessory products that combine the need for Home Monitoring with the popularity and simplicity of consumer Apps for mobile phones and tablets. Come see how consumers can stay connected to the important places in their lives with a personal camera streaming live video to their mobile devices under control of a simple-to-use downloadable App. Maxim's newest Home Monitoring camera solutions are the ultimate accessory for your mobile device, creating a new retail product category to deliver live video over the internet to your phone or tablet. Touching the Leading Edge with Maxim Capacitive Touch-Screen and Haptic Actuator Controllers Ever try to tap out a text message or use your new tablet in freezing temperatures with gloves on? Come see how Maxim is changing the way you interact with electronic products with the industry's first high-sensitivity capacitive touch-screen solutions with support for haptics. Multiple demonstrations will highlight how Maxim Tac-Touch(TM) controllers support up to 10 finger simultaneous touch with stunning sensitivity, providing real-time support for demanding applications such as handwriting recognition and multi-touch gesture-enabled video gaming. Excellent signal-to-noise ratio and frequency selectivity provided by Maxim controllers enables projected capacitive touch-screens that can be used with a stylus, ball point pen, fingernails and gloves even within the harsh cellphone environment with LCD, USB AC charger, and RF noise. Add-on haptic controller ICs from Maxim complete the touch experience enabling touch screens that touch you back. Keeping it Cool with Maxim Switch-mode Power Supplies Charging the battery in your latest wireless gadget can be time consuming, energy inefficient and generate excess heat. In this demonstration, Maxim will make a side-by-side comparison of a smartphone with a linear mode charger and a smartphone with a new Maxim switch-mode charger. A live thermal image will reveal clear temperature variations and the coolness of a Maxim switch-mode charger that is also charging the device more rapidly than the hotter linear power supply. Less heat also translates into the persuasive advantage of greater reliability and energy efficiency for consumers. Maxim Proximity Sensors and Ambient Light Sensors Control Device Screens and Inputs This demonstration highlights one of the latest features on a smartphone: a Maxim proximity sensor that deactivates the display and touch-screen when the device is brought near the face during a call. The Maxim device saves battery power and prevents inadvertent inputs from the user's face and ears. In addition, Maxim is showcasing the industry's lowest power, ambient light sensor that detects available environmental light and automatically increases or decreases the display backlighting to compensate for low-light and high-light environments. Hear the Difference Maxim Makes with its Audio Products Maxim audio products provide innovation and efficiency in the hottest selling consumer devices with uncompromised audio performance. This area highlights the latest range of innovative audio features that Maxim enables such as power savings, multifaceted speaker protection, ambient noise cancellation, low distortion, low noise, low EMI emission and thermal foldback, which automatically reduces the output power of a device without shutting down the music if the temperature of the integrated circuit gets too hot. Featured are the MAX98088, Ultra-Low Power Stereo CODEC with FLEXSOUND(TM) Technology; MAX98304, the industry's smallest Class-D amplifier; the MAX9895A, Active Noise-Cancelling Headphone Amplifier Subsystem and the MAX98400A High-Power MP3 docking stations. AUTOMOTIVE The automobile is inarguably the world's largest consumer appliance. It incorporates many SEE, TOUCH and HEAR applications with the additional new "GO GREEN" energy requirements. The automotive section of the Maxim both contains technologies and products that are not only state-of-the-art; they are designed to work in the harsh automotive environment. See for yourself how the car is providing a convergence of many consumer technologies into one mobile appliance. You are guaranteed to be captivated by the following demonstrations: Maxim's advanced Audio and Video encoding technologies compress, transport, and reassemble Information and entertainment inputs from CD's, MP3, MPEG, Digital TV, GPS and other sources into a flawless, breathtaking display.

  • Haptic display technology allows the user to feel that they made the right selection choice of their climate controls, navigation system, or media, without taking their eyes off the road. Maxim's touch screen products allow car manufacturers a choice of several methods for converting hard console switches into an elegant soft key environment.
  • Cover your ears and experience what a 200W high quality stereo sounds like in an enclosed car space. The Maxim high efficiency car stereo amplifier technology delivers amazing THX sound with 95 percent energy efficiency. Almost no juice is burned in the amplifier, it virtually all goes to the speakers.
  • Plug and Drive is made possible by getting the most out of an electric vehicle's batteries, which are the key to making them work. Maxim is showcasing how its solutions provide the best charging, maintenance, performance, and safety of automotive battery packs. See how Maxim makes batteries work harder, so you drive longer.