Ohio Semitronics launches new website design


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Ohio Semitronics launches new website design

Ohio Semitronics, a leader in power measurement for more than 45 years, relaunched its website with a new look designed to be easy to navigate. The site incorporates a number of features to accommodate the organization's worldwide manufacturer rep network, as well as end users or original equipment manufacturers seeking valuable information about catalog and custom power and energy measurement and instrumentation, electrical sensors, transducers and more. Information for more than 8,000 products is organized according to four areas: Product Catalog or Store, Submetering, Custom Products, and Overstock Items. The overall functionality and dramatic improvement in Store browsing, appearance, and content quickly takes visitors to product pages with the entry of a model number, or use of drop down box selection among 15 different categories: Current transducers; Current Transformers; Frequency transducers; Hall Effect Probes; Integrator; Multifunction Power Measurements; Panel Meters, Displays and Counters; Phase Angle; Power Factor; Process Signal Conditioners; Programmable Set Point Relays; Signal Conditioners; VAR/VAR-Hours transducers; Voltage transducers; and Watt & Watt Hours transducers. Selectable attributes are displayed in tandem with category fields to let website visitors narrow a search according to their requirements, such as Input/Range, Output/Range, and Approval/Agency compliant units, including ATEX, CE, CSA, CUL Intrinsic, CUL Recognized, or CUL Listed models. Store pages offer easy-to-follow ordering information, along with physical, operational, performance, and environmental details, as well as tabs that link to related products, and immediate data sheet downloads. A click on a store page Customizations tab connects visitors to available options in support of special instrument power or application needs. Enhancements to the Ohio Semitronics website include: • Secure Online Ordering - Password protected access permits 24/7 secure online ordering with automated credit card authorization, account histories provide complete list of previous items purchased, and a choice of UPS shipping options are available inside the checkout area. • Convenient Navigation - Intuitive and consistent page organization makes it easy for visitors to find what they are seeking. • Engaging Look and Feel - Inviting graphics and page layouts give visitors an improved user experience. • Advanced Search Tool - An advanced search function filters by product number and family names, as well as measurement device categories and attributes. • Quick Loading Customer Support Capabilities - Visitors have rapid and efficient access to product manuals, a tech library, consultation, printed catalogs, and an account set-up and logon. • Updated Product Information - Associated specs, literature, photos, options, and related items are furnished online for every type of standard product: o Electrical Sensors o Hall-effect Current Transducers (Open Loop) o Hall-effect Current Transducers (Closed Loop) o Current Transformers o Signal Conditioners o Hall-Effect Sensors and Probes o Rogowski Coil Integrators o Multi-Scale Integrators o Multifunction Power Test Boards o Isolators o Power Monitors o Power Display Meters o Test Panels o Accessories • Invitation for Contact - Prominent placement of a Contact tab and phone number encourages visitors to get in touch with Ohio Semitronics at any time. Ohio Semitronics