Ohmite New Shunt Resistors Suit Renewable Entrgy Applications



Following increased demand from battery manufacturers, and companies involved in the development of green power solutions Ohmite have responded by developing their SH shunt resistor. The first in a new series, the SH offers a range of capability from 100-300 amps in a sturdy metal-clad housing. Standard part numbers (6) all offer 0.50% tolerance and convenient 400mm long insulated wire sense leads for convenient and accurate current monitoring. The manganin plate housed inside the SH forms the resistive element. For safety, the SH Series is supplied in a metal clad housing, making it more suitable for end product use. The SH is ideally suited for use in renewable energy applications such as battery banks, wind turbines and solar panels. Shunts like these are typically used when current flow is too large to be directly measured by an ammeter so the manganin plate, with a known and precise resistance value is placed in series with the load. The voltage drop across the resistor is proportional to the current passing through it, and a voltmeter can then ascertain the current flow. Precision metal clad resistors designed in four-terminal technique, are distinguished by high load capacity as well as excellent accuracy. Isolated voltage and current connections make them suitable for very precise current measurements. The simple four port Kelvin design ensures easy installation on large current bus bars. Units have a low inductance, heavy copper terminals. Applications include: battery testing, current detection in precise power sources, constant current sources, industrial power conversion circuits, HEVs, fuel cells and constant electronic loads. www.ohmite.com