Power Electronic Measurements updates its look online



Power Electronic Measurements has launched its new-look website, simplifying access to products and support for accurate current measurement in applications such as prototype testing, industrial equipment or automotive and transportation. Designed for ease of use, the new site has major sections on products, technology and services including maintenance and customisation. Visitors will also find background information such as publications on PEM's key areas of expertise as the leading pioneer of commercial Rogowski current sensors which enable monitoring in applications as diverse as semiconductor benchmarking to energy monitoring. The PEM product portfolio comprises current probes and transducers optimised for various duties such as test and measurement, permanent or semi-permanent monitoring, or cost-sensitive applications. The available ranges include the CWT Mini and new CWT Ultra-mini wide-bandwidth probes, RCT industrial probes, LFR low-cost probes and DCFlex snap-shot' DC probes. All types are easy to use; they are thin, flexible, and attach by clipping around the conductor to be monitored. In addition to standard products, PEM provides customisation services for projects large and small, from arranging special coil lengths or frequency response to developing complete customer-specific solutions. Visitors to the new website can find out more about PEM's capabilities and previous successful projects in the dedicated customisation section, before contacting PEM to discuss their own requirements. PEM