PSMA seeking coaches and/or judges for the International Future Energy Challenge



If you are a PSMA Member, consider coaching or judging at the International Future Energy Challenge (IFEC) 2017 on high efficiency, high density isolated DC-DC converters. IFEC is an international student competition for innovation, conservation, and effective use of electrical energy, which is open to college and university student teams from recognized engineering programs in any location. 

The competition is sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Power Electronics Society (PELS), Power & Energy Society (PES), Industry Application Society (IAS), Industrial Electronics Society (IES), and Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA). For more information on the IFEC, see

Your participation will add key application and industry insights to further or even accelerate progress in these converters. Otherwise, these challenges can turn into academic exercises with little value to industry. For example, as an industry, we can encourage the participants to eliminate fans to improve not just density but reliability, maintenance, and audible noise too. As an added bonus, corporate involvement makes recruiting these students much easier.

When and Where?
Date - Location - Event - Role
Sept. 20, 2016 - ECCE 2016 - (Milwaukee, WI) - Intro. Session Coaching
Nov. 2016 - Your computer? - Judging for acceptance?
Mar. 26, 2017 APEC 2017 (Tampa, FL) Workshop Coaching
July 24-25, 2017 Virginia Tech Final Competition Judging
You do not have to participate at every event. Feel free to participate as your availability allows.

Contact Yaow-Ming Chen with your contact information and the event(s) you wish to participate in.

Email Yaow-Ming Chen