PSMA to hold session on capacitors and ultracapacitors for power electronics at APEC 2013


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The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) Capacitors Committee is sponsoring an Industry Session at APEC 2013 titled "Advances in Capacitors and Ultracapacitors for Power Electronics." The session will take place Wednesday, March 20th, 2013, from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach California, and will feature experts from capacitor companies that serve the power electronics industries, including ECI, CDE, NWL, JME, and KEMET. The presentations will cover the new developments for major capacitor dielectrics and their roles in power electronics. Metallizing advances in metallized polypropylene capacitors, the doubling of voltage in polymer tantalum and aluminium capacitors, the doubling of voltage in AC film capacitors, and the introduction of new high-performance ultracapacitors have dramatically expanded the contribution of capacitors in power electronics. However, capacitor design is often less-than-familiar terrain for power electronics engineers. This valuable industry session will help attendees gain a better understanding of various component configurations and factors shaping capacitor component technologies. By attending the sessions, OEMs designers, system designers, and component developers will become more aware of new options, therefore helping component developers to provide more effective configurations and system designers to better optimize their power electronics. KEMET's John Prymak will co-chair the PSMA Capacitor Technical Committee and this Industry Session along with Cornell Dubilier's Laird L. Macomber. They noted that the PSMA Capacitor Committee was delighted at the enthusiastic acceptance and large attendance of the committee's special capacitors session at APEC 2011, and that they expect similar success at APEC 2013. "Clearly, power-electronics designers value practical application information on capacitors and the APEC Industry Sessions are the opportune vehicle," stated Laird Macomber. "This Industry Session will give the latest performance information and roadmap for capacitors and allow attendees to interact with other professionals who are active in the design and application of capacitors. We encourage registering for APEC 2013 and attending the Industry Session on capacitors." PSMA is a non-profit professional organization with the objective of enhancing the stature and reputation of its members and their products, and improvement of their technological power sources knowledge. Its aim is to educate the electronics industry, academia, government, and industry communities as to the applications and importance of all types of power sources and conversion devices.

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