Renesas Driver IC for Industrial and Home LEDLighting



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LEDs are gaining widespread use in industrial and in fixtures for outdoor and household use. The market is expected to continue to grow substantially. LED lighting systems combining low power consumption, high efficiency and long service life have gained considerable attention in recent years amid worldwide efforts to save power and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. Renesas Electronics announced the availability of its new driver IC, the R2A20135SP. The newest member of Renesas' driver IC family is designed for high-accuracy, high-efficiency LED lighting systems, and features on-chip dimming and a 40-percent size decrease for the mounting area, making it an ideal solution for LED lighting fixture manufacturers. Renesas will also provide an evaluation board with the new driver IC installed on it to provide development support for system designers. Renesas also offers a lineup of high-performance power MOSFETs for use with driver ICs for LED lighting systems as well as kit solutions featuring both types of devices. In 2011, Renesas started mass production of the high-efficiency R2A20134 LED driver IC featuring a high-power factor that performs functions such as LED on-off switching and is designed to be mounted inside LED lamps. The company further contributed to the compactness and high-performance of LED lighting systems with TRIAC dimming support with the new R2A20135SP device. Integrating the dimming function eliminates the need for a dedicated external circuit, reducing board space and bill of materials. Availability Samples of Renesas Electronics' new LED driver IC are available starting in March 2012. Mass production is scheduled to begin in June 2012 and is expected to reach 5,000,000 units per month in December 2012