RMCG chip resistor from Stackpole impervious to sulfur


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RMCG Series from Stackpole

The RMCG Series from Stackpole provides a surface mount thick film chip resistor that is impervious to contamination by sulfur. The RMCG Series has inner terminations that are protected by an intermediate layer of gold which is impervious to sulfur. This is superior to other anti-sulfur chips that employ only a reduced silver inner conductor. The RMCG Series offers sizes from 0402 up to 2512, resistance values from 1 ohm up to 10M, and tolerances as low as 1%.

Pricing for the RMCG varies with size and tolerance and ranges from $0.0175 to $0.19 each in full reel quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of our authorized distributors for volume pricing.

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