SMD Power Inductor Targets Digital Audio Applications



SMD Power Inductor Targets Digital Audio Applications

­Sumida Corporation has announced the launch of its new CDRH80D50 SMD Power Inductor. Inductance values range from 10 to 100µH, permitting a diverse range of circuit applications. 

The CDRH80D50 SMD Power Inductor is a ferrite drum core construction device with an air-gapped magnetic shield that reduces EMI, allowing higher circuit density. Its compact size of L×W×H: 8.5×8.5×5.5mm Max., and weight of just 1.32g make it a versatile component for digital audio amplifiers in communications, autosound, home theater, and commercial audio systems. 

Conservatively rated, Saturation Current specifications are based on the value of DC current when the inductance becomes 35% lower than the initial value. The device is RoHS certified and exceeds industry standards for quality and reliability. The CDRH80D50 SMD Power Inductor is available for immediate delivery and comes in carrier tape and reel packaging (13.0” diameter reel, with 1000pcs per reel). 

The device can operate over a wide temperature range from -40℃ to +105℃, making it suitable for use in most conditions. Additionally, it has a Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of 1, (30 °C/85%RH at Level 1; 30 °C/60%RH at all other levels), ensuring compatibility with reflow-soldering processes. 

The CDRH80D50 Series power inductors are available with immediate delivery and are in stock at national distributors.  For more information, go here.