SoCalREN's Metered Savings Program Saves Money and Time


A one-stop shop for support on energy efficiency measures

With California laser focused on energy efficiency, a new program is helping public agencies get electricity-saving projects up and running faster.

The Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN)'s Metered Savings Program streamlines projects by offering access to SoCalREN's technical services, including energy savings evaluation, project scoping, financing support, project management, and other resources, even for projects that are not eligible for incentives or rebates offered through a SoCalREN energy efficiency program. 

On average, projects in the Program take less than half the time to receive approval for construction than projects in alternative programs.

"The Metered Savings Program offers a turnkey solution for public agencies to implement energy efficiency projects that go beyond utility incentivized measures." said Lauren Seymour, SoCalREN Program Manager and Metered Savings Program Lead. "I'm proud of the Program's simplified approach, opportunities for deeper energy savings, and ability to monitor and track energy savings over time, which empowers public agency staff to better manage their energy use." 

Like all SoCalREN's programs and services for public agencies, the Metered Savings Program is offered at no cost for participants.

To learn more about the Metered Savings Program, visit SoCalREN's site.