Stackpole's high-power chip resistor touts thermal performance


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RHC2512 high-power chip resistor

The RHC2512 from Stackpole utilizes unique materials, design, and processing to offer much lower thermal resistance than other high power chip resistors. When used with the recommended solder pad layout, the RHC will typically show a heat rise of 60°C per watt compared to standard 2512 devices that can experience more than 120°C per watt.

In addition to low thermal resistance, the RHC2512 is more stable at higher power and higher temperatures. This improved stability is demonstrated by the lower resistance shifts over load life and overload testing. This high power performance is a popular choice for power electronic and control applications such as buck converters, HUD systems, IR goggles, HVAC controls, audio controls, and motor and pump controls.

Pricing for the RHC2512 depends on resistance value and tolerance and ranges from $0.19 to $0.32 each in full reel quantities.

Stackpole Electronics

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