Stackpole's RAVF convex chip resistor arrays offer 40% size reduction


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Stackpole's RAVF Series convex thick film chip resistor arrays

Stackpole's RAVF Series convex thick film chip resistor arrays offer a wide variety of sizes, power ratings and schematics to help engineers reduce the amount of board space required by their designs. Changing from discrete chip resistors to chip arrays can reduce the size of a circuit design by up to 40% as well as a 20% reduction in weight. Another advantage is the resistors in a chip array will have tolerance and TCR tracking that is 50% better than discrete chips. Finally, using chip arrays can lower total cost per resistor when considering all cost factors that go into procuring and placing components.

The RAVF Series devices provide a significant cost improvement, especially when using the most popular and cost-effective sizes of 0603 x 4 (RAVF164D) and 0402 X 4 (RAVF104D). Using the chip arrays reduces the number of placements, but also reduces the associated transactional and handling costs. These advantages make chip resistor arrays an ideal choice for any application that uses numerous discrete resistors of the same value.

The RAVF Series is available in a variety of sizes, pin counts, and schematics that are specified on the datasheet ( Due to these various factors, pricing varies widely from $0.003 each to $.058 each in full reel quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of their franchised distributor partners for volume pricing on any specific product.

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