Power Line

October 2014
Partnering for the future of wearable technology

MAX32600 or “Wasp”, incorporates the robust communication capabilities, proven security and low power consumption required for wearable applications

To capitalize on the growing wearable device market, Maxim Integrated partnered with Logic PD to develop a platform to demonstrate the viability of their newest technology to wearable device customers. Completed in a ten-week timeline, the Wellness Watch is a wearable body fitness monitor that transmits the
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Protection module teardown: Keithley’s Model 2657A-PM-200

The Model 2657A-PM-200 Protection Module is designed to protect lower-voltage source measure unit (SMU) instruments that are part of a testing configuration from damage by voltage sources that are greater than 220V

Semiconductor devices capable of handling higher levels of power are finding their way into increasingly higher power applications. To validate these new designs, researchers, fabricators and end-product designers need to be able to test experimental devices at higher power levels, which increases their risk
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