Power Passives & Discretes

August 2015
Coilcraft's latest 120W planar transformers are optimized for active clamp forward converters

PoE120PL Series high-efficiency planar transformers

Coilcraft has introduced the PoE120PL Series of high-efficiency planar transformers which are optimized for active clamp forward converters, including use in Power over Ethernet PSE and pre-standard PD devices. The PoE120PL Series is suitable for 60-120 Watt applications such as thin clients, monitors, industrial Et
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Stackpole's latest chip resistor arrays offer  anti-sulfur convex termination tech

RAVS Series convex termination anti-sulfur chip resistor arrays

Stackpole Electronics released the RAVS Series of convex termination anti-sulfur chip resistor arrays. The RAVS Series utilizes thick film technology with lower silver inner terminations to significantly reduce the susceptibility of the array to contamination by sulfur. This performance is proven with less than 1%
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AVX's J-CAP Series boasts the highest energy/volume

J-CAP Series solid tantalum electrolytic chip capacitors

AVX, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has released a new series of tantalum polymer capacitors designed to provide small, high energy, low profile solutions for demanding solid-state drive (SSD) applications. Exhibiting low ESR and the highest energy per volume (Joules/cc) of
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