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Analog Devices' smart engineering solutions come to embedded world


At embedded world 2017, we will have working demos on A2B automotive audio, advanced personal healthcare monitoring, TSN, ultralow power ARM microprocessor unit, and 24 GHz radar for automotive and industrial applications, just to name a few. Meet with our analog experts, who can answer your specific design questions.

Clinical Monitoring Systems
Low power, simultaneous measurement capability is an exciting development we’ll be demonstrating with our wearable VSM platform, designed around the extremely low power ADuCM3029 Cortex processor, which communicates over BLE and includes the ADPD103, a dual AD8232, and the ADXL362.

Ultralow Power ARM Microprocessor Unit
Hardware, software, and IoT system designers developing Wi-Fi and LPBT products will want to see the Arduino rapid development platform that includes our ADuCM3029, an ultralow power ARM Cortex-M3 microprocessor unit.

Time Sensitive Network Solutions
We will demonstrate how ADI can tunnel unmodified, standard Ethernet/IP over TSN and how to stream general-purpose background traffic (such as a video stream), as well as deterministic TSN stream through one wire. See how we are making Industrie 4.0 Ahead of What’s Possible here.

Analog Devices at Embedded World

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