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Microcapacitors Could Power Chips of the Future

Microcapacitors made with engineered hafnium oxide/zirconium oxide films in 3D trench capacitor structures achieve record-high energy storage and power density, paving the way for on-chip energy storage.

  As we try to pack more transistors into smaller packages, delivering power across the chip becomes increasingly difficult. To get around this problem, researchers have been attempting to integrate energy storage directly onto the chips, which will potentially reduce losses. However, for on-chip storage
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Buck-Boost Converters Get the Silent Treatment

Frederik Dostal, Subject Matter Expert, Power Management at Analog Devices

­ A few months ago in this column, I talked to Frederik Dostal of Analog Devices about the Silent Switcher technology that was incorporated into the company’s range of buck converters. Recently, Analog Devices has added the LT8350S to its Silent Switcher portfolio. The significance of this product is that it
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