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Nanocrystals Enable Smaller Off-the-Shelf Three-Phase Filter

Kemet's new range of three-phase filters suppress the noise in electronic equipment with superior attention characteristics

­   Three-phase filters are a necessary component in many applications, particularly in the industrial and medical areas, to ensure circuits operate without interference, reducing errors. Currently, they tend to be bulky, grey boxes which may need quite a bit of engineering work to perform their tas
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 ACE Batteries Drive LFP Technology Closer to Li-ion for EVs

How the prismatic cells fit directly into the battery pack

When modern EVs were introduced, the main reason for their initial slow sales was the range. However, battery technology has progressed and now some of the latest vehicles can get almost 600 miles on a full charge. As always in engineering, when one problem is solved another crops up, or in the case of electric veh
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