Privacy Policy:

Power Systems Corporation (PSD), respects the privacy of it's customers data, creative advertising material, illustrations, intellectual ideas in their articles etc. to the utmost level of secrecy.

None of our customer data will ever be shared by any one, except for the employees and service providers of Power Systems Corporation, who have to work in the interest of client using these information.

Every employee and service provider of Power Systems Corporation individually has a signed NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) between him and PSD also, which further protects the secrecy of your data at individual level as well.

Power Systems Corporation (PSD), always uses any of your server credentials and website files also, only and strictly for your own legitimate use and nothing else.

Power Systems Corporation (PSD), reserves the right to display your company name and logo on their portfolio / website to the extent where the contents in the portfolio are of generic nature and carry no specific information.