Refund Policy:

Power Systems Corporation (PSD), is in the business of providing services in the form of consulting, publishing and displaying your advertisements on our website(s), mobile apps & newsletters. These are intangible goods and once delivered there is no way for us to undo that, or recover the cost of time incurred in displaying your advertisements.

Power Systems Corporation (PSD), delivers to our best and in general invoice to our clients as we deliver the intended service, for which they are paying through our checkout page.

Hence, as such considering a refund on the services already provided is very difficult for us to consider.

However, please write to us at accounts@powersystemsdesign.comalong with a copy to with all supporting documentation and reasons for which a refund is being requested and we will try to resolve it to your satisfaction in all fairness, either by correcting the work, or by offering a partial / full refund. Such refunds are to be mutually agreed with in 30 days.

For those clients, who have paid for any service in advance, they are entitled to get a refund of their prepaid amount proportionately for any undelivered services at any time.