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Government Investigates Teslas That Accelerated on Their Own

A 2019 Tesla Model S

Turns out drivers aren’t the only safety hazard for semi-autonomous vehicles – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reviewing a petition to recall 500,000 Teslas over automatic acceleration issues. We’ve mentioned before that smart cars aren’t smart enough to save
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U.S. Ends Gov't Civilian Drone Program Over China Fears

The DJI Spark drone.

Trump has made China a cornerstone of his presidency – confronting them, challenging them, levying tariffs on Chinese goods … but this could be his boldest (or most petty) move against the People’s Republic. On Sunday, the government announced that it was grounding its civilian drone program
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New Segway is Eerily Similar to WALL-E
If you loved Segways but hated the indignity of standing up, you’re in luck. Just when you thought personal transportation couldn’t get any dorkier, Segway-Ninebot introduces the S-Pod – a device that lets you balance on two wheels without the slightest possibility of accidentally burning a
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