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August 2019

A Vermont dairy farmer is getting more from his cows than just milk. The Goodrich Family Farm in Salisbury, Vermont spans more than 2,400 acres, with 900 milking cows, and they’re partnering with Wellesley, Massachusetts-based Vanguard Renewables to host the largest “anaerobic digester” east of the Mi
Apple Claims China Tariffs Give Unfair Advantage to Samsung

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Here’s a lark – Apple complained to President Trump that his China tariffs make it harder for the Cuperino giant to compete with Samsung. You can’t make this up. So an “American” company like Apple, with its manufacturing base in China, deserves protection over a Korean company, which has factories
iPhone Software Locks out Third-Party Batteries
Is Apple up to its anti-consumer chicanery again? Perhaps. The Cupertino giant has apparently activated a lockout program in its batteries that bars third-party replacements (and even your ability to install a genuine Apple battery, yourself). According to ZDNet, the secure memory key affects the iPhone XR, X
Trump's Reversal of CAFE Violation Fines Draws Lawsuit

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra

The Trump Administration is about to fight a proxy war with the Obama Administration – after Trump’s NHTSA reversed the Obama-era penalties for corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) violations, 12 states and the District of Columbia filed suit. In 2016, the Obama Administration raised the existing fines for
Online Tool Lets you Offset your Porsche's Carbon Footprint
Feeling guilty about your Porsche’s impact on the environment? Now you can pay to make it all better. A new online tool, Porsche Impact, calculates your Porsche’s precise carbon footprint, and then offers four different ways to offset it – protecting forests and wildlife in Zimbabwe, promoting solar