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April 2020
Companies Relying on Cameras, AI to Ensure Social Distancing
We live in a very litigious society. This past weekend, I found myself at a funeral in Pennsylvania, where the official limit for public gatherings is 10 people. Even at something as emotional as a funeral, no one wanted to assume liability for too many people in one place – the funeral wouldn’t even officially co
Autonomous Delivery Vehicles to Deploy in California
A Toyota startup wants to make it easier for you to stay home – if you live in Irvine, California. The Chinese subsidiary, Pony.ai, plans to deploy autonomous delivery vehicles in a pilot program lasting through the summer. In the past, we’ve covered autonomous delivery robots, a ride-share program that doubles
The Air Force Wants to see Your Flying Cars

The Terrafugia Transition flying car prototype. It's definitely ... a thing.

The U.S. Air Force has a way for flying cars to bypass at least one layer of red tape – test them out on military ranges. You can’t help but admire their chutzpah – the poster child for lumbering, bureaucratic beasts wants to help you skirt the rules. Anything off a military base faces the draconian scrutiny
IBM Offers Free COBOL Training to Address Shortage
IBM is stepping up to help address a problem that probably shouldn’t exist. We previously mentioned New Jersey’s desperate plea for coders who understood COBOL, a 60-year-old, largely obsolete computer language. The “Garden State” hasn’t exactly kept with the times, and their 362,000 unemployment f
NJ Needs Programmers who Know 60-year-old Computer Language
Turns out many New Jersey computers still run a programming language that predates the moon landing. NJ Gov. Phil Murphy has put out a call for volunteers who know Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL), a programming language that goes back to 1959. Most coders have moved away from it, but according to Reuter
New Development Would Turn Windows into Solar Panels
Those door-to-door salesmen hawking residential solar panels might have a new hustle soon – a California startup wants to use windows to harvest energy. The company has developed transparent solar cells to hopefully make their name a reality – Ubiquitous Energy. Their ClearView Power windows would essential
Butt-Cleaning Robot Solves Your Toilet Paper Woes

Do you need a license for this?

Coronavirus got ya down? Does the TP aisle at your local Walmart look like a George Romero flick? The Useless Duck Company has a solution. Let’s face it – toilet paper is wasteful (and impossible to find in our new, post-apocalyptic reality), and bidets are inefficient. So the DIY superstars at UDC took a custom ci