Companies Relying on Cameras, AI to Ensure Social Distancing

Companies Relying on Cameras, AI to Ensure Social Distancing

We live in a very litigious society. This past weekend, I found myself at a funeral in Pennsylvania, where the official limit for public gatherings is 10 people. Even at something as emotional as a funeral, no one wanted to assume liability for too many people in one place – the funeral wouldn’t even officially confirm that extra folks could just wait in the car.

So it’s no surprise that companies are increasingly turning towards security cameras and AI software to ensure compliance with social distancing and limit their own liability.

Many of these companies, no doubt, are filled with “essential workers.” Chicago-based Pepper Construction told Reuters that “The last thing we want is for the governor to shut all our projects down because no one is behaving.” The company is using software to monitor workers at an Oracle Corp project.

Companies that spoke with Reuters also mentioned AI from Glimpse Analytics and distancing tracking from RE Insight.

Of course, it’s not just 6+ feet of social distancing – many states have laws about mask usage outside the home. NJ passed a law requiring all employees and shoppers at grocery stores and other essential businesses to wear a mask. In many cases, stores will simply bar entry for anyone not properly outfitted.

Like Pepper Construction said, the last thing any business needs is the government putting the kibosh on the few companies that do remain open.

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