Lighting & Illumination

Flatland Light

A 2D prism

In 1884, a schoolmaster and theologian named Edwin Abbott wrote a novella called Flatland, which tells the story of a world populated by sentient two-dimensional shapes. While intended as a satire of rigid Victorian social norms, Flatland has long fascinated mathematicians and physicists and served as the setting
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LED Drivers for Dynamic Automotive Lighting
Texas Instruments has introduced new high-performance LED drivers to make scalable LED-based systems approachable to carmakers across the globe. From static headlights, to customizable dynamic features – swiping turn, animated daytime running lights (DRL) and adaptive driving beams – the TPS92520-Q1 and
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Super Barrier Rectifiers Deliver Design-Free Efficiency

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Figure 1. Simplified Schematic of Buck-Boost LED Driver for DRL Application

Successive generations of power-semiconductor devices based on existing technologies strive to deliver incremental improvements in energy efficiency. Now there is a device, realized through proprietary technology, that enables power supplies to achieve a significant leap forward in performance and efficiency—the
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