Lighting & Illumination

August 2022
Easy Integration of Supercapacitor Power Back-up

Frederik Dostal, Subject Matter Expert, Power Management, Analog Devices

   One of the major trends over the last two decades is to replace mechanical systems with electronic systems wherever possible. Deploying an electronic system usually has the advantage of offering faster and more accurate responses, while being more reliable due to having no physical wear and te
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Exploring Quantum Electron Highways with Laser Light

The translucent crystal at the center of this illustration is a topological insulator, a quantum material where electrons (white dots) flow freely on its surface but not through its interior.

­Topological insulators, or TIs, have two faces: Electrons flow freely along their surface edges, like cars on a superhighway, but can’t flow through the interior of the material at all. It takes a special set of conditions to create this unique quantum state – part electrical conductor, part insulator -
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Nanocrystals Enable Smaller Off-the-Shelf Three-Phase Filter

Kemet's new range of three-phase filters suppress the noise in electronic equipment with superior attention characteristics

­   Three-phase filters are a necessary component in many applications, particularly in the industrial and medical areas, to ensure circuits operate without interference, reducing errors. Currently, they tend to be bulky, grey boxes which may need quite a bit of engineering work to perform their tas
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Industry's First Power Transient Voltage Suppressors in Compact DFN Package

Bourns Releases Industry's First Power Transient Voltage Suppressors in Compact DFN Package

­Bourns, Inc., announced the industry's first Power Transient Voltage Suppressor (PTVS) product families available in the compact DFN package (8 mm x 6 mm x 2.5 mm) The Bourns PTVS1 and PTVS2 surface mount series provide effective ESD protection to meet the growing demand for high surge cur
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Using Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supplies for Battery Testing

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Figure 1. The placement polarity checker and the safety contactor

In today’s fast-paced world the need to create quicker, more mobile mechanical devices is steadily increasing. One primary method for doing this is to replace traditional gas powered or plugged-in devices with battery power. Batteries have become smaller and increasingly efficient as a result. In order to ke
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