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April 2024
New EPA Standards Would Dramatically Cut Coal-Fired Power Plant Emissions

EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan

The dirty little secret of EVs is that all the extra electricity has to come from somewhere – and in nearly a fifth of all cases, that electricity comes from coal-fired power plants. What good is green energy if it’s partially – or fully – offset by the energy’s source? And the EPA just passed new
New EV Motor is Smaller, Lighter and more Powerful

The Magna 800V eDrive

The whole automotive industry is fascinating at the moment. After years of incremental advances in the ICE market, the EV industry is bringing a host of revolutionary changes. New innovations seem to be landing almost daily to solve the current issues we have with EVs and automobiles in general. As has been di
Dogs Were one of the First Sources of Renewable Energy

The Cynophere, a dog-powered velocipede

­Alternative energy had a very different meaning in the 19th century. Often of the canine variety. Electricity in the 1800s was nothing new, with humans observing the phenomenon in electric fish thousands of years ago. Even electric vehicles go back further than most realize, predating the American Civil War
US$16 Billion Market Forecast for Off-Grid EV Charging

The off-grid EV charging market could reach US$16 billion by 2034

In this blog last week, we had Elodie Hestin from Socomec talking about the opportunities offered by off-grid charging for EVs. This week, IDTechEx has published a forecast on the potential size of the off-grid market. It is well established that the early adopters of electric vehicles are also early adopters in other
The Specter of AI Scam Calls

The Specter of AI Scam Calls

­As with every new technology, AI is full of wondrous possibilities and a host of new opportunities for scammers. And as AI’s ability to mimic human beings gets more sophisticated, the harder it’ll be to detect the scams. Anyone who saw the Obi-Wan Star Wars series (and probably a host of other big-budget blockbusters) knows a
Creating an affordable and timely UK rollout of EV charging

Elodie Hestin, Energy Storage Solutions Specialist at Socomec

With range anxiety giving way to a fear about charging infrastructure availibility, Elodie Hestin from Socomec tells PSD how the problem may be fixed. Recently, the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) recently warned that charging infrastructure is failing to keep up due to a lack of fair, af
U.K. EV Sales Hit Record High, While U.S. Experiences Steep Decline

U.K. EV Sales Hit Record High, While U.S. Experiences Steep Decline

­The globe is barreling towards its electric future, with governments doing everything possible to urge, goad, and in some cases, mandate the switch to electric vehicles. But how is the public responding? Well, that depends which side of the pond you’re on. In the U.K., sales and new registrations of battery ele
Researchers Hit 96% Efficiency for EV Wireless Charging

ORNL researchers achieved the highest wireless power transfer level for a light-duty passenger vehicle when the team demonstrated a 100-kW wireless power transfer to an EV using ORNL’s patented polyphase electromagnetic coupling coil. Credit: Genevieve

­The Oak Ridge National Laboratory may have hit a milestone in over-the-air wireless charging. Researchers managed to wirelessly charge an electric vehicle with an apparent 96% efficiency! To preserve higher efficiencies, wireless charging tends to stick with the inductive variety, which requires intimate