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May 2023
China Bans Micron from its Key Information Infrastructure

China's General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping. China recently banned Micron Technology from "key information infrastructure".

­Turnabout, I suppose, is fair play. Amidst a U.S. push to purge all Chinese products from their networks, China has responded in kind, barring domestic firms that provide “key information infrastructure” from patronizing the 7th-largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, U.S.-based Micron Technology.
800V EVs Predicted to Drive Power Electronics to 15% CAGR Rise

Porsche Taycan

Moving to an 800V architecture makes a lot of sense for electric vehicles. One of the major drawbacks to EV adoption is the charging time, which is normally measured in hours. Increasing the voltage of the architecture means that time can be reduced considerably, often to around the time needed to go buy and dri

FCC's "Rip and Replace" Program for Huawei Products is Chronically Behind Schedule

­The U.S. has tried multiple times to censure, marginalize, and remove any and all traces of Huawei from American networks. At one point, they even tried a “rip and replace” program, buoyed by nearly $2 billion in reimbursement funds. But for various reasons, implementation has been sorely lacking, meaning
Microsoft to Utilize Fusion Energy
Helion Energy

Helion's plasma accelerator raises fusion fuel up to 100 million degrees celsius and directly extracts electricity with a high-efficiency pulsed approach

­In the world of alternate energy, there’s nothing quite like fusion. It’s both costly and quite possibly the most efficient form of renewable energy. And now Microsoft is dipping its toes into that particular pool. Helion Energy, which announced its $0.5 billion Series E a couple years ago, has revealed that it’ll pro
Porsche Hybrid SUV Receives Larger Battery and Electric Drive

The 2023 Cayenne S

­Porsche’s electric ambitions could generously be called…humble, but give them credit – they’re trying. Amongst its myriad initiatives, the luxury automaker recently gave its hybrid Cayenne SUV a larger battery and electric drive. For the uninitiated, Porsche wants 80% of its sales to be electric (hybrid or EV) b
Black and Decker Installs Huge Solar Farm in Kentucky

Black and Decker Installs Huge Solar Farm in Kentucky

To reach our goal of a decarbonized energy sector by 2050, we’ve seen huge public and private investments in renewable energy, and Stanley Black & Decker has leaped into the fray with Kentucky’s largest privately funded on-site solar project that’s 100% renewable energy sourced. The 4.3 MW solar