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June 2020
Can UV Light Kill the Coronavirus?

Could robots like these be a key tool in the fight against COVID-19?

  With hand sanitizer a precious commodity and antibacterial wipes more scarce than a civilized COVID debate, scientists are proposing an alternative disinfectant – UV light. Of course, medical UV applications are nothing new – hospitals have used ultraviolet light to disinfect patient and surg
Autonomous EV Charger Would Seek You Out
Auto manufacturer Aiway wants to simplify the process of refueling your electric car – the Shanghai developer has released “CARL”, an autonomous EV charger. The idea is that “Instead of drivers trying to find a charger, the charger will find them,” said Alex Klose, Vice President for Overseas Operation
World's Largest All-Electric Aircraft Flies for 30 Minutes
While solar planes are still janky contraptions, electric is moving right along – they took a major step forward with the first, 30-minute flight of the world's largest all-electric aircraft. We’ve covered the emerging air taxi market – and each of those is electric – but while even the literal Rolls Royce
Toyota Announces Fuel Cell Project with Chinese Automakers

Beijing Automotive

Fuel cell technology has a lot going against it, but Toyota wants to move the ball forward incrementally … in China. The Japanese automaker announced a joint venture with assorted Chinese companies, including FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor, Beijing Automotive, GAC, and Beijing SinoHytec. The investment totals 5.02 billion