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May 2022
New Hydrogen Production Method Promises 80-90% Efficiencies

CoorsTek Co-CEO Timothy Coors

­We’ve…been down this road before. Not this specific iteration, but getting excited over hydrogen energy. Though CoorsTek – yes, that Coors – has a new approach that could reignite passions. Course, the reason why hydrogen isn’t as big a mainstay as solar or wind is obvious – hydrogen might be
Fully Electric Fire Engine Debuts
Emergency One
  There are certain types of vehicles that seem ideal for electrification and others that seem less suitable, at least until the infrastructure is in place and the charging time is reduced. The former could include multi-drop delivery vans, which make multiple deliveries in a day inside a small area, and
Uber Eats Experiments with Autonomous Vehicle Delivery
­This was inevitable — the marriage of two services of convenience (and safety)…autonomous vehicles and food delivery.  The synergy between the two is perfect.  With the nationwide shutdown, food delivery surged throughout the pandemic — it’s one of the few that did, in fact. About 112 million Americans used
The Quantum Charging Advantage
Institute for Basic Science

A pictorial illustration of today’s electric vehicle versus the future vehicle based on quantum battery technologies. Employing quantum charging would lead to a 200 times speedup in a typical EV, which means that the charging time would be cut from 10 h

One of the main things that is holding back the adoption of electric vehicles is the time that they take to charge. Although that time is dropping through advancements in technology, people who are used to filling their tank almost immediately at a gas station do not want to hang around for the half hour that
Tesla to open its North American Supercharger Network to non-Tesla Drivers
­While Elon Musk puts his $44 billion Twitter deal on hold (pending confirmation that spam accounts do, indeed, represent less than 5% of all users), he’s made another quasi-bombshell announcement that’s slipped under the radar – Tesla plans to open its North American Supercharger network to non-Tesla driv
Companies Collaborate to Accelerate Battery Recycling
­It’s no exaggeration to say that battery recycling is one of the most critical actions we can take as a species – as EVs become the predominant mode of transportation, it’ll become doubly important to safely dispose of or repurpose these potentially toxic devices. Metals and fossil fuels leader Gle
US Moves to Secure Battery Supply Chain
  One thing that the COVID pandemic has shown us is that the supply chains that we have built around the globe are not as strong and secure as we would like. The difficulty in procuring the correct materials and components from partners across the globe has had a real negative affect in some key industries
Companies Sue Puerto Rican Power Provider for $310 Million over Major Outage

In 2017, Hurricane Maria knocked out power in Puerto Rico for 11 months.

­Puerto Rico hasn’t been exceedingly powerful over the last 5 years or so, from an 11-month blackout to a company taking over the island’s power distribution that possibly wasn’t fully prepared for the job. Back in 2017, Hurricane Maria absolutely demolished Puerto Rico, highlighting the island’s ancient power grid a