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July 2018
Japan Wants to Make All New Cars Hybrid or Electric by 2050
One of the world’s automotive juggernauts wants to make all new cars hybrid or electric by 2050. The Japanese Economy Ministry panel – which included industry heavies like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda – announced the ambitious goal Tuesday. Japan remains firmly entrenched as one of the world’s top automoti
Who's to Blame for Germany's Unprofitable Public Charging Points?
The German power industry added 25% more public charging points for electric cars in 2017, and they’re blaming the auto industry for low fiscal returns. The lobbying group, BDEW, is attacking the auto industry for not producing enough affordable electric cars and thereby making public charging points an unprof
Airbus Solar-Powered Drone Delivers Internet to Remote Areas
Airbus has begun production on its High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS), a solar-powered drone the company wants to keep aloft for 100 days. The European aerospace giant is pushing the Zephyr for defense applications, but the “Psuedo-Satellite” also has the ability to deliver internet access to remote ar
Rolls-Royce Unveils Hybrid-Electric Air Taxi
Rolls-Royce is joining the flying taxi club, and I’d love to tell you the brand synonymous with swanky has the Rolls-Royce of flying cars, but it’s more like an airborne tadpole. The British automaker unveiled the electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL) vehicle concept at the Farnborough Internati
Tesla Tax Credits Will Drop by 50% on Jan 1
If you’d planned on buying a Tesla, you better hurry – the tax credit is about to dip dramatically. Tesla shipped 200K electric cars to U.S. patrons, so starting January 1st, the $7,500 tax credit will be chopped in half, before dropping again to $1,875 on July 1st. The tax rider applies equally to every aut
Famed Black Cab Goes Electric With Steep Price Tag
The “World’s Most Advanced Taxi” has arrived in Germany, and it’s ... a long-term investment? The London EV Company – formerly the London Taxi Company – launched the electric version of their famed London black cab in Berlin, and while the TX comes fully loaded, you’ll pay for the privilege. Bi
Trump Launches Trade War With China, Blowback Imminent
The American-Sino trade war has begun. On Friday, the US and China launched the first volleys in a growing economic conflict, with each side imposing a 25% tariff on $34 billion worth of goods. And the immediate effects are ... negligible. The long-term effects could be catastrophic. None of this is surpri
This Window Harvests Energy, Boosts Home Efficiency by 50%
Ever wanted to simultaneously harvest energy and reflect heat? How about a photovoltaic window? Keep in mind a lot of this is theoretical. But apparently, researchers at South China University of Technology have constructed thin, see-through solar cells that, again, theoretically, could double a household’s en